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Hi!  I'm Stacey

And water and sand are my happy place!


I won't bore you with my resume, but I will tell you that I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. Actually, I started my first business when I was five years old. It only lasted two days, but at least I started it. (Don't judge me!)

Anyway, I have devoted the last 15 years encouraging entrepreneurs to push their passion and transforming their hobby into a harvest.

Water, sand, and my clients launching their business...I am overjoyed! 

Now tell me about yourself.  Does this sound like you? 

I have an idea (no, a few ideas), but I don't know where to start.

I am tired of my job, and I want to start my own business.

Why am I making money for another company and not my own?

It is time for me to walk in my God-given purpose.

I have let myself and others talk me out of starting a business saying "someone is already doing that" or "that's not a good idea."

I am retired, and I am looking for the next encore.

I can identify with a few of these statements myself because I have been there. I've had several ideas that I didn't pursue, and I have worked for organizations that I knew my talents and expertise could be better used in my own business. My journey ignited my passion for pushing others into theirs. 

As your Launch Coach, I will help you start taking action to build the business you want. After our initial launch time session we will determine your next step to your entrepreneurial journey. In addition to the coaching sessions, please check out my book, The Passion Plan: Journaling Your Business from Passion to Profit and other events. 

I invite you to become one of the passionate people in the launch time community! Let's launch together.

If you've made any of these statements, 

we should probably meet for some launch time therapy.

It's Launch Time
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